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Urban Neighbourhood


Cut through the noise of mass-produced tours, and come savor Rome's hidden food gems in the company of a local cook and sommelier.

Enjoy the small-town feel of Testaccio, my childhood neighborhood, and Rome's most popular and historic culinary destination.

This community and its famous market attracts people from all over the world while still retaining its unique Roman soul and character, come experience it for yourself!

Looking for something else? Book a custom tour tailored to your every desire!

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- Experiences -

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- Meet Nesim -

I was lucky to be raised in Rome by multi-cultural parents working as UN interpreters. 


This made me Roman - meaning that Rome was where I truly felt at home and had a sense of belonging to - but also American, French, and Tunisian, which gave me the ability to appreciate and see Rome from an international perspective as well. 


My passions in life have always been cooking and traveling, so I ended up spending over 15 years working in restaurants all over the world.  I lived in Brussels, Madrid, New York, Barcelona, Oaxaca, and San Francisco before coming full-circle and moving back to Rome with my New Yorker wife.


Because of my unique background and travel experiences, I'm able to make my guests feel like I did while growing up here.  You'll feel right at home and see Rome like a local because I'll be there to bridge the gap between you and the city, with all of its beautiful culinary quirks and its own distinct way of doing just about everything.  From how to queue for food (it's not always intuitive to visitors), or how to order water (there's a mid level of sparkling water here), to how to cross the street (trust me, this is an actual thing.)  


You'll also get to meet some of my favorite people in this city, as we only visit the markets, restaurants, bakeries, and cafés that I frequent on a daily basis.  Seeing the glow of pride my friends and neighbors experience through your enjoyment of the fruits of their labor is one of the most gratifying aspects of my work.

I care for this community deeply, and it is important to me that we all thrive.  Because of this I do not ask any of the vendors for special rates, discounts or commissions.  And to be perfectly honest by booking a tour with me you are essentially guaranteeing these businesses' survival as I spend all my money on food anyway.


Ensuring that visitors get to experience the true culinary and cultural joys of Rome is why I started Full Belly Tours.  And I've always worked in hospitality because taking care of people makes me happy, especially when it comes to sharing delicious food and wine.


Join me on a tour, and I promise you'll come away from it with much more than a full belly!

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